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TRIBOLOGIA - Finnish Journal of Tribology - is a journal published by the society, which contains of articles written in English, Finnish and Swedish. The Editor-in-Chief is D.Sc. Vuokko Heino, Editor D.Sc. Kati Valtonen and editorial assistant D.Sc. Janne Juoksukangas.


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25 Years of the The Finnish Society for Tribology

The Finnish Society for Tribology was founded on the 31st of August, 1977 in a meeting that took place in Otaniemi, Espoo at the Metallurgy & Mining Department of Helsinki University of Technology. There were 20 pioneers of finnish tribology present. In that meeting the rules for the society were agreed. For the official name of the society was chosen Suomen Tribologiayhdistys ry (The Finnish Society for Tribology). The announcement to society register was passed over in September and the members of the first board were Kauko Aho (chairman), Heikki Sundquist (Ass. chairman), Liisa Muurinen (Secr.), Kenneth Holmberg (Treasurer), Veikko Heikkinen (Member), Martti Kurkinen (Member) and Eino Piirilä (member).

The first active years included seminars and theme days as they are relevant at moment. The growth of the member amount reflects good the clear need for the society. The members represent various fields in tribology: researchers, teachers and especially those who apply tribological know-how in their daily work.

The name of the society has remained unchanged through the years. Yet the official translation in english (The Finnish Society for Tribology) and in swedish have been included (Finlands Tribologiförening).

The official postal address and center of the activities of the society has always followed the present chairman. During 25 years as chairman has actedt Prof. Kauko Aho (1977 - 87), Prof. Matti Kleimola (1988 - 1992), MSc Peter Andersson (1993 -96), MSc Jorma Niskala (1997 - 1999), PhD Arto Lehtovaara (2000 - 2003) and Licentiate Pekka Salonen (2004 -). As Assistant Chairman have performed PhD Heikki Sundquist (1977 - 78 ja 1980 - 85), PhD Heikki Kleemola (1979), PhD Kenneth Holmberg (1986 - 92), Licentiate Jouko Perttula (1993 - 94), MSc Jorma Niskala (1995 - 1996), Licentiate Jari Juhanko (1997 - 98), PhD Arto Lehtovaara (1999) and PhD Tiina Ahlroos (2000 -).

Each society needs a active and hard-working secretary. Such have been Liisa Muurinen (1977 - 78), Marjut Ruotsalainen (1979), Hannu Tarvainen (1980 - 82), PhD Arto Lehtovaara (1983 - 86), MSc Juhani Valli (1987 - 89), Licentiate Mika Salonen (1992 - 93), Licentiate Pekka Salonen (1990 - 91 ja 1994 - 2003) and MSc Carl-Erik Sandström (2004 -). The treasurer's post have been held by PhD Kenneth Holmberg (1977 - 84), Licentiate Erkki Kuusisto (1985 - 89), MSc Matti Kytö (1990 - 1993), MSc Jarmo Vihersalo (1994 - 96), MSc Topi Volkov (1997 - 99), PhD Juha Miettinen (2000 -2003) and MSc Jaakko Kleemola (2004 -).

The most important and outwards most visible activity in our society is the journal 'Tribologia' -The Finnish Journal of Tribology. It is published four times a year. The journal was created in 1982, when there were exceptionally only two issues. The editor-in-chief is PhD Jyrki Tervo (1999 - ). In prior to him the former editors-in-chief were MSc Ilkka Nieminen (1988 - 98), PhD Heikki Sundquist (1982 - 83), MSc Seppo Mikkonen (1983 - 85) and MSc Ulla Mäkelä (1986 - 87).

The editors of the journal during its publishing have been: Liisa Muurinen (1982), Kirsi Merikunnas (1983), Irina Granfors (1984), Maritta Ojala (1985 - 88) and Erja Mörsky since 1988.

The layout of the journal was B5-sized until 1996 and it focused on domestic readers. Beginning of 1997 the journal layout was reformed to A4 and more colourful. At the same time it was changed towards international readers. In addition to that the editorial board was broadened to Scandinavic scale, which enlarged the scientific perspective.

The Finnish Society for Tribology has been a member of the International Tribology Council (ITC) since 1977 and Prof. Kauko Aho has also acted as the Vice President as well as PhD Kenneth Holmberg currently is a Vice President of the ITC.

The Finnish Society for Tribology has actively been involved in international tribology family by acting as a the head organizer or co-organizer in 'NORDTRIB 2000' (134 participants), in 'NORDTRIB'92' (120 participants), in 'EUROTRIB'89' (450 participants), in 'NORDTRIB'84' (105 participants) and in 'NORDTRIB 2000' (135 participants). Some our members have also contributed to the arrangements of NORDTRIB' conference series in Nordic countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The Finnish Society for Tribology has five honorary members: Prof. Kauko Aho, B.Sc. Martti Kurkinen, PhD Heikki Sundquist, Prof. Matti Kleimola and PhD Kenneth Holmberg.

The active members of our society participate frquently both the national and international tribology occasions. An excellent example has been the 'The World Tribology Congress (WTC)' conferences, where our society has had its own stand. The stand has been developed and supervised by our members on conference.